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Groups and character bots

Post by Doug_M » Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:40 pm

I played Wow Vanilla back when it was released but none of the expansions. Life got busy with a newborn. Fast forward to now and I'm playing WotLK on SPP (which is fantastic, what an amazing project).

But I started with an older version of SPP from here: ... Collection

Using that version I could add all my characters as bots with .bat add * and they would act as a party/group. I realized the SPP I was using was out of date and followed the link to this site and installed the current version. It is working fine but the bot/group behaviour is different. Probably me not knowing how to do it right lol.

So .bat add * doesn't work. Tells me I'm not in a group. So I add them all individually with .bat add characterName. I created a macro to do all four with one click.

But I still can't add them to a group. If I issue /i characterName I get told they are already in a group. So I have to logout, and log in with each character individual and issue a /leave. Then I can log back in with my main account, run my macro that adds all my characters as bots, and then individual /i them into a group.

So I need help in "fixing" this clumsy method. No doubt there is a better way or there is a setting in aiplayerbot.conf I should change.


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