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[Vanilla Repack] Open to public

Post by Soltharion » Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:49 pm


At home I have 2 setups with 2 internet provider, I would like to open the server on one and connect from the other.

I've looked in the setting files about bindIP and set it to mine ( multiple configuration, once everywhere even in the MYSQL config files, once only for the global binIP ) but the launcher still said and when I start the server 0 DB or Mangos client open, I conclude it's not working.

Do you guys have an Idea ?
Thk a lot !


Re: [Vanilla Repack] Open to public

Post by Lazaro6892 » Tue Feb 16, 2021 2:05 am

Good friend, if your case is that you have 2 computers on the same network and one you want to use only for the server and the other as a client using a local network with the internet, you just have to google miip on your pc, which will be the server when you have it. to open your msql go to the vanilla_realm database then open realmlist and put the ip that google told you in localaddress. the server must be closed afterwards from the other pc before opening the game you must put the server ip in the realmlist file change for the server ip so that the game can find the server. Greetings, any other questions you give me in case you have 2 different internet that will be a little more serious but I have a simple solution to use for that using a tool called radmin.

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