Bully Scholarship Edition with Multiplayer

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Bully Scholarship Edition with Multiplayer

Post by MDic » Fri Mar 12, 2021 12:44 am

I gotten alot of requests for this since we did the GTA's so I finally got it working hopefully good enough for this release.
Now this one is NOT BASED on GTAMODDING RE3 project. This is SPP MODDING of the original Bully Scholarship Edition.


SPP Bull Scholarship Edition:
Windows 10 compatibility.
DRM Removed by SPP MDic.
V1.2 with Bugs fixes, none of the content removal.
Auto Mod Updater on launch of Bully Main Game if updates are detected.
There's instant compatibility with current Microsoft controllers, ensure they are plugged in prior to launching the game.
widescreen support with a properly scaled HUD, menu and field of view, among other improvements.
Addition HD Textures added.
Mouse Fix.
3rd Party Fixes provided by Silent Patch.
FPS uncaping in SilentPatchBully.ini file. Becareful, crashing may happen in select scenarios if you turn off the 30 fps limit.
Multiplayer Support... althought the one server has a zero pop, maybe you guys can make it come alive.
Multi Player is brought to you by http://www.bully-mp.com/
Their Discord is: https://discord.gg/yKhucsK

Double Click the BullyMP.exe and a window will open up asking for your bully.exe
select it, and if need to, it will download new assets if applicable. I pre ran it for you.

To play:
Download the darn thing first.
Extract it with 7zip preferable.
**Double Click Bully.exe** if you want to check out single player
**Double Click BullyMP.exe** if you want to check out multiplayer

https://www.mediafire.com/file/90jlt5ok ... on.7z/file
http://mdicsdildoemporium.com/dicpics/G ... Edition.7z

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