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Post by MDic » Thu Mar 11, 2021 12:23 am


Following on from RIBNEW2
Radio playing in background added to casino
Auto fix car and refuel removed from script in TKCharger18
Dense armor is no longer checked pattern
Normal armor texture changed
Recording Studio added
Property bug fixed people rented then sold and got full wack
Shops list disappearing bug fixed
New f40 with custom sound
Job center verpi map removed, caused lag spikes
Spice processing location changed so map can be removed Ribwarehouse removed
Beach festival removed
Lizard lick removed
Impound locations changed
Recticle readded, if people are going to use external programs then its only fair
Take Hostage added, with a gun do /takehostageNew
news alerts for taxis /startpc
TKCharger18 pd car removed the client script it uses for the lights chops off a helicopters tail
Unmarked rangerover removed
lesslethal shotgun removed from pd, to op and bugs the taser which then has infinite distance
repair kits removed from shops which will encourage more people to use mechanics
casino payouts nerfed and now costs £20k per use
Dodge hellcat added
New police kawasaki motorbike
GSXR motorbike added
Yamaha R1 Added
New PD Vests
New PD Belts
Police can quickly start a bodycam recording with /bwv go in first person
Police can track a vehicle plate using f9 when in a vehicle
New pd cars added
mechanic shops moved to gabz import garage
PD vehicles handlings all sorted
fishing replacement ,fish anywhere
New technician job go around fixing property fuse boxes
To carry on with optimising ribjail has been removed
Now using bolingboke jail with prison map for prison work
Hunting shop added
Hunting job moved to next to shop
Garbage job removed some say caused fps loss
Flashlights,suppressor,weaponskins,grip attahments added to pd shop
you can now rebuy fireworks from the gas station
Epic sound mod for at least 10 engine sounds these can be added to any cars vehicle.meta
fishing rods and baits moved to hunting shopWeapon accessories added to hunting shop aswell as armor ... IBNEW3.rar

ESXZOMBIE V3 is out for GTA V Server
FULL SERVER FILES ... 3.rar/file

Released early due to the demand of the pack with Cayo island and vehicles

Edits since RIBESX11

armour from joints ( 10 joints for max armour )
cayo island added
changed slot machine blip name
Meth drug added (change locations to where you want)
21 cayo dlc vehicles added
Cayo MLO added
House prices displayed on map overview


MediaFire Link: ... 2.rar/file

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